About me

I am a Hungarian photographer from Debrecen. I am happy to have a job what I really love to do.

In the beginning, I was interested in object photo shooting, which I found really creative. Later, because of the ease of challenge I was looking for something new. I tried out many different themes and topics, until I realised the human photo shooting is the one, I enjoy the most. By time, I turned to the wedding photography, which is the best for me.

I love, that I can create something valuable, which will be a little treasure of the family by time. They will look back at the Big Day with pleasure, what I could spend with them. While I am working my goal is to capture all the unique, priceless and most beautiful moments. I like especially the pure pictures with natural background.

I believe, to see the beauty is a gift born with all of us. The beauty is everywhere and we are always surrounded by it. I feel gifted in the way, that I can last these moments for eternity.

"You are maybe just looking for the perfect photographer,
but they have already found him."

How I work

You are at the right place!

Natural settings: I am aware of how to make everything smooth and create a calm atmosphere in order to see your true self in the pictures.

Precision and agility: you do not have to wait months to get your pictures which are all in high quality.

Professionalism: I always have “emergency equipment” but also I always double save your pictures to avoid any risk of losing one.

High standard and quality: I never give a picture without being truly proud of it.

Professional skills: I have many years of experience I am always prepared and constantly improving myself.

Genuine perpetuation: I am hardly noticed but always working precisely, capturing all the important moments.

Informative: I share all my knowledge and experience in order to help you on your wedding.

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